This article is not about the bike mirrors. 🙂

Once every few years I pay my irregular visit to my homeland. the mother land. These visits are usually full or joy, memories, nostalgia, good times, good foods…Etc

My latest visit was in 2013 where I invited few friends from Switzerland to tag along and enjoy my country. Before going home, I have decided to make a 4 days stop in Paris. The City of Love. The city of Romance. During that stay I paid a visit to my old room mate and best friend who was delighted to have me with him.
We spent 4 days of laughter while enjoying wine, food, coffee, fashion and each other`s company. We talked about everything and nothing even though I haven`t seen him for 8 years. True friend ship is always special that way. He reminded me of my self. A part of me I completely forgot and berried inside me. It was like hearing stories for the first time in my life. Great stories of us drinking everywhere and anywhere without worrying about anything in life. It was great time to reflect on the humans we used to be. Limitless, free, careless, young,stupid, pure and genuine. We believed in true love. In a country where love equals money, we actually really believed in love. We were very different from others. Hence the people we are now. The most interesting part is how our belief system has transcended with time, environment and also people we meet.

I dislike stagnation in any form. If we don’t grow, change and transcend then we are not living true life. I hear people saying “I know who I am and I know what I want”. It always makes me question, “do you really know who you are and what you will be in the next 5 minutes ?
What if an earthquake hits town?
What if you are with a situation where choice A and B are against your believe system but you have to choose one?
What if you suddenly get sick?….Can you really know who you are? I don’t believe so.
We are the sum of the experience, environment, parent, where we grew up, people that we’ve met, culture, books and ideas we have. But these are changing as we speak. Meaning the sum of my experience is changing as we speak. How and why should we judge something good or bad based only in what we know? That will limit our growth and our human experience. Additionally, each situation has it own set up. I think before giving solution or judging we should assess everything then draw a conclusion. Not the way around. Trust I do this all the time and I am trying to stop it when my brain and my thoughts start to fire ideas. I try to question these ideas. Why I feel this way? Why I think this way without knowing full story.
Bottom line is, give a chance to new ideas, value, even if they scare you, a chance to be expressed. We are multidimensional beings with a fantastic potential to flourish. Lets flourish and bring beauty to our loved ones and to this wonderful earth.
Love. Ash

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2 thoughts on “Mirrors

  1. One more the best story, Ash, you are very honest and brave at the same time in front the of blank which you turned to masterpiece.

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