BMW R9T. Rebirth

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this little article for those out there who have the same BMW boxer passion that I have. That thing just looks and sounds out of this world.
As you may have known already, BMW came with the R9T as heritage of the Boxer legend that made few of us fall head over heels.
I purchased mine a year ago and from day one I sent it directly for some painting job and almost full costume work. I refused to ride the R9T the way it looks from the factory. Such a waste.
Before making the purchase I knew exactly how I wanted the end product to look like. I literally watched every video on youtube related to R9T in English or other languages. The videos were either with little info or missing the key element or shop name or after market part name that could have helped me through this project. But with some help I could get what I have wanted.

First most important thing is to decide what look do I want. I went for the cafe racer style which matches my personality. By the way, I didn’t know that about my self until I had the honor to ride my friends R9T. From there it was done deal. I used to be a sport bike racer. BMW s1000RR, full track suit, hit the track twice a week type of guy. But not after I touched the R9T soul. Something changed in me that I didn’t know what exactly. But I knew I wanted an R9T and keep the S1000RR. Cos the S1000RR is also something very very special. I would not dwell on that on this article.

So first , for the cafe racer look 3 things are massively important. low Hand bars, tail and muffler. So I started with those. Low hand bar from Rizoma, Tail from BMW original back seat cover ( which I think is super sexy)and last but not least the Muffler. I was going for the Mass Muffler from Italy. An actually purchased it and put it for a week. Looks and sounds pretty amazing. until I heard the ZARD 2 in 2 muffler from Italy. Oh Lord. Made the bike look, sound and feel very special. So I went for that.
Then I couldn’t help but notice the back suspension ugly look. Not only that, it was very painful to ride on a bunny road. I don’t know something was off coming from S1000RR directly to a bike like R9T. So I switched that to Ohlins. The Gold color also gave that badass elegant look that matches the front suspension.
After that I moved to the winkers. I thought I came this far why not go all the way ( I am pretty bad like that. Very addictive personality). So I ordered the back lights from Fancy Bike things, and front LED from NRC. The quality and the finish on these two product is outstanding. Then I was thinking I needed the space between the back tire and back seat should be cleared. So I took off the back foot-pegs and back plate number to a different place (wenderlich). Next was the odometer (Motogadgets), front finder (Rizoma), and front break and gear pegs to Rizoma as well. I also didn’t like the color on then boxer engine itself. So I got the RSD engine cover (Full set). The result is ……well As you can see. You make your judgment.

This is not it. I found a mechanic ( a rare mechanic who wasn’t strict about putting modes on BMW. Dealer are soooo strict. BMW doesn’t encourage the costume) and we will go full front and back seat transformation this winter. Plus the air intake box.

Hope you enjoy.

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