Tomorrow is my birthday. October 8th. Birthdays, new years, new borns and death are those very special moments when a human being start to think about life and time. What is time? Where did I spend the last …I don`t know how many years. Time has being passing so fast that I didn`t really have time to think about “time”. Funny to say but it is true.

So let`s take some time an reflect on the subject. What is time? Why do we say , time is money. Is it true or is it just an expression ?

I grew up in a country where wages were not paid on a timely basis. Where nothing was on time. Where the whole concept of time was almost not existing. People take naps everyday for 2 hours. Lunch breaks are at least for 2 hours. If you go for a quick coffee break, that meant a 5 hours break. Very laid back culture where we say as a proverb, ” those who rushed are dead” . So the whole experience and feeling of time was semi existing to me.

Moved to another country when I was twenty and being there since, where everything, well almost everything is measured by time. Where buses and trains came on the dot. Your salary is a simple calculation how the hourly worked within that month.  Time time time. The dead line was so crucial that if you miss to submitted a report or anything 2 seconds after the deadline your report  will be rejected. That`s lady and gentlemen is Japan.

So what is time and what is the value of time?

When we were in a boys trip to the Philippines Mactan Island, every moment, every second, every experience felt very deep and full with energy and love. If you have a problem or if you feel sad, then every moment and second felt heavy and long.

The other variable here is our human cells are programmed to age with time. We were little and inexperienced and we become older and wiser. So time in emptiness or in space doesn’t mean that much does it. If we were immortal time would not mean anything would it? So the most valuable thing is not just time but what do you do during your limited time. What do you learn, where do you travel, who do you meet, what do you think about, what do you achieve, what do you feel and experience and what impact we have on each other.

All the love from Ash

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Biker, Tourer, Photographer, Writer, Athlete, Adventurer, Father....

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