Dancing in the Storm

It has being a few month since I haven’t written anything. I love to hand write with a pen and a piece of paper so I got a little lazy writing on my PC.

I have read some really good books lately. Just random books about self improvement, discovery, survival, death.. Very good read from a complete different angles. Going through these books made me notice a certain pattern. A certain equation that was repeated through almost all the books. It was fascinating to me to learn that but at the same time it was not a surprise since the same message was drilled in us by every elder person in our lives.

I remember my grandma used to tell me to enjoy food, and eat slowly. At a time I was shoveling food quickly and rushing out of the table to go play football or do other activities. If you look at the biography or almost every prophet/scientist/great leader, they all speak of concentration, or a quit time to your self, or meditation, enjoy the moment to it very last second.

Also in relation ships, I think most failed ones come from an unbalance in something we have or do. Could be personalities, characters, way of living or vision. But I think it comes down to one thing. How do we focus on our selves before focusing on someone else. How much love and respect do we have for our selves before loving someone else. How much dedication and enjoyment we have in doing little tasks, like eating together, listening together to music, watching our kids growing, listening to our partners and offering genuine help. I think the whole point is live in the moment and enjoy to the fullest whatever you are doing and do it with complete compassion and dedication. Whether its a relation ship, a project, a dream or simply just having a meal.

I personally always thought I knew better then my parents, Grandparents and so on. But little did I know, their teachings has deep meaning and values. Send some love to our parents.

All the love . Ash 🙂

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