The Beauty in You

Here I am, after few months of not writing, sitting front of my screen thinking: What should my next post be about?

It has been a very long few months. If I am not mistaken I think it is the first time I ever done a proper inventory. An inventory of thoughts, experience, events, friends, health, finance, family…and most importantly of peace.

By now, and maybe after my 4th post, I think everybody can see that I am seeking peace and happiness. Once done I will transcend it to my loved ones. I am actually fortunate to have accoutered and experienced these last few tough months. It made me strong and aware of so many things. The one thing I would like to share here is that it made me aware of my own existence. It made me question why some events provoke and manifeste certain feelings, and who create these feelings and thoughts or even who reacts? Is it me ? or something inside me?

I spent these last 6 months reading some good spiritual and autobiography books, joining some great group discussions with highly conscience people and meditating 30 minutes a day. Either at home or in my bed just before sleeping. I dont read the news or check my phone anymore. I just wanted a proper Detox from everything.

The result:

I stated to feel the real Me. The capital M was no mistake. The entity that reacts and creates thoughts and feelings. That entity that is connected to everything and feels everything. That light inside all of us. That beauty in you, in me and all of us.

If you analyse the most spiritually successful people and the most influential amongst them, you can come across a common dominator. A way of life and a way of thinking that makes them different and unique. That common dominator is they all have a strong sense of their presence and consciousness. Also they have a certain peace and acceptance of facts the way they are without reacting to them. This is easy said then done, especially for reactive person like myself. 🙂

What I would like to get through to you with this post is simple and at the same time, because of external influences and distractions, very complexe. We all have a gorgeous inner light that shines with a powerful beauty. We just need to clear the clouds. No husband, no boyfriend, no health, no salary raise, no anything could make you feel it or feel good about your self. You better feel it on your own and enjoy every moment in your life. Remember, life is way too short to spend it thinking and wondering. The answer is right inside you. Reach for it.

Thank you for reading. I love you all.

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