This is the season we all think about changes and how we can achieve a better coming year. We think of resolutions and changes we would like to make to become a better husband, friend, daughters and sons. Better human beings. What often happens is we actually crave those changes and that better image of us. We want to upgrade our skills, learn more, love more, train more, save more money and time. We actually do those changes for a week, 2 weeks or a months. And than what happens? We fall back into our old us. We fall back to our simple version of us. The not fulfilling version of us. The 1.0 version of us.
It`s hard to change. It takes an extra little bit more of love, effort, determination to reach that new level of being. It`s so easy to fall back because we know that stat. We have being there. It`s our comfort zone. We know the ins and outs of that stat. We know the exact metrics to be on that 1.0 version.
What do you I recommend? And who am I to recommend in a first place?
Well simply enough, I am someone exactly like you who craves those changes and want to reach that new me. The better loving, the fit, the more organized and so on. The 2.0.

I recommend to write it down and put it somewhere you can wake up to it every morning. We need to have it in our thoughts day in day out. Dream about.
Write it down and plan it they you plan your trip to Thailand or to a new country. Think of it as your own personal life project. Break it down to little subproject and each time you achieve a subproject, celebrate it with your loved ones and keep going. Tell the whole world about it (not a difficult task with Facebook status. 🙂 ). Break it down to what you should do each hour of the whole month.
Last but not least measure your self compared to those subproject and see where you are at. Make this your priority number one. Ask and learn about changes and what you need to achieve them. Either you are looking for physical change, financial or spiritual. Read read and keep reading. Ask people who have made changes what did they go through.

The one pattern I saw asking everybody who actually made changes is that they wanted that change way more than they want their current situation. Simple math.

Try it from today and keep me posted. I want to hear your change. I will share mine in return.

Love and peace. Ash

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Biker, Tourer, Photographer, Writer, Athlete, Adventurer, Father....

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