Inner and Outer energy

Very simply, if you want to look good you need to have a perfect balance between you inner energy and outer energy. What I mean with inner energy is to be at peace in your heart and soul. Sounds difficult since this is what every human want isn’t it? Well, first you need to do some brain and soul inventory. Check within your self the good things that you have and the bad thing, or lets just call them the improvement you need to make. After that try to write them down and acknowledge them and most importantly accept them. The more you accept them the more you will naturally lean toward repairing and improving them. Once you got that sorted out it`s time to learn about your outer energy. Meaning how do you come through to others. It wouldn’t hurt at all to ask family and very close friends how do they see you. You might hear you are emotional, angry, funny, smart …whatever. What the close people see in you could be correct to some extend. You might have never paid attention to it but it could be true. Once you got that all figured out you need ( only you to decide on what makes you happy ) to find that perfect balance between what you have in your heart and what you would like to look like in the outside. Not only physical looks but also the energy that comes from your soul. Including the tone of voice, your gestures, your breathing, your thoughts..Etc. It`s a lot of work and it might take years. But once you start you will eventually get there. Once you reach that perfect balance you will notice, your family and partner will notice, and the whole world might as well. It’s a beautiful place to be. Try it and send me feedback.

Published by Dreamer13

Biker, Tourer, Photographer, Writer, Athlete, Adventurer, Father....

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